Securities Trading

Intermediating between buyers and sellers of securities through The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
Involving in over –the- counters transactions through National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD)
Buying and selling of Fixed Income instruments issued by governments, public and private enterprises.

Share- backed loans/ Share Valuation

Provision of soft loan, backed by shares for share acquisitions.
Valuation of share instruments for being used as collateral.

Portfolio/ Asset Management

Management of share portfolio for individuals and corporate clients
Construction of share portfolio
Management of Estate share portfolio on behalf of the administrators

Primary Market Activities

Engaging as an Agent of the Issuing Houses in packaging and marketing public offers
Serving as Stockbrokers to Private and Public Issues
Serving as Financial Advisers, etc.

Securities Trading

Securities Transactions
Portfolio Management
Issuing House Activities
Management of Estate accounts
Financial Advisory Services
Share Valuation
Recovery of outstanding share
certificates/dividend warrants
Revalidation of stale dividend warrants
Provision of Share Nominees Accounts
Provision of share- backed loans.